American Breeze Gold Scents Sexy Rich Car Freshner Perfume

American Breeze Gold Scents Sexy Rich Car Freshner/ Perfume
Brand American Breeze

American Breeze Car Perfume / Air Freshener contains the blocks of organic pads filled with highly concentrated oil which removes odors and make the environment better smelling and purely delightful. The fragrance cakes will change the atmosphere of your car. The 3 pieces of delightful fragrance cakes will make everyone falls in love and will experience you the blast of freshness in your breath. Perform last for 60 days. It Comes with an AC Vent clip an ingenious way for aroma circulation. Simply placing them in the AC vent with the Ac vent clip specially provided and your car will be filled with fresh fragrance instantly. it comes with Adjustable Vented Lid Open and Closed as per Requirement. Organic-type Car Perfumes create a rich, luxurious and long-lasting fragrance in your car. It is an Organic Air Freshener Perfume for your Car, Home, Office and various areas to eliminate odors in the air and make it pleasing and refreshing.

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