Bulk Listing For 4 California Car Scents Best Air Freshener Lasts Up To 60 Days

Brand California Scents
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A$ 33

About California Scents Based in Irvine, California, California Scents was founded in 1993. Since then the company has grown into a global provider of high quality air freshening products. The company is a leading manufacturer of air freshening products for your home, office or automobile and offers a special line for Pet owners. From the time we produced our first can to today, we have maintained our 100% pure organic fragrance oil formulation that has provided consumer satisfaction with every can. California Scents provides consumers with air freshening products that work and meet their needs every day. Our products are designed and developed to have a minimal impact on the environment while providing a high quality experience for our consumers. Some of our key initiatives in this area include: Recyclable Our products are packaged in recyclable materials to reduce waste. Additionally, many of our products and packages are made from recycled materials. Biodegradability The fiber pads used in many of our products, including our core Spill proof product, are made from recycled plant refuse. This helps us contribute to waste reductions in the production process and allows the pads to degrade naturally reducing waste in the environment. Volatile organic compounds Our products are made from organic fragrance oils that we produce within EPA guidelines. Non aerosol sprays Our consumer Fragrance Spray, Citrus Spray and Pet Scents Odor Neutralizing products are all non-aerosol products which contain no harmful fluorocarbons. Organic We produce and use organic, non toxic fragrance oils in our products providing our consumer with a safe and earth friendly product. Animal Friendly All California Scents products are free of animal testing. -Artice Ice -Coronado Cherry -ShaSta Strawberry(recommended) -Napa Grape(recommended) -Malibu Melon -L.A Lavender -Hawaiian Gardens -Concord Cranberry -Cinnamon Coast -Hollywood Tropical -Newport New car -Gardenia Del Mar -Apple Valley -Capistrano Coconut -Santa Barbara Berry -Baboa Bubblegum(recommended) -Golden State Delight(recommended) -Squash Blossom -Fresh Linen -Desert Jasmine -Laguna Breeze -Vista Grapefruit -Palisades Pina Colada -Smoke Away -Mojave Mango -Montery Vanilla -Tahoe Powder -Orange Blossom -Melon Mango -Citrus Splash -Pacifica Peach -Avalon Apple Cider -LA Jolla Lemon -Palm Springs Pineapple -Pomberry Crush -Emerald Bay -Sierra Meadows -ICE Included in this sale is the following: 4x Genuine California Car Scents Of Your Choice(please message me which ones you desire when you make payment ) 4x Genuine California Car Scent Lid Postage: Postage cost is $FREE nationwide via AustPost Registered post! Express post offered for $8 Pickup available from Canley Vale NSW 2166 We also sell at wholesale prices for direct to the public! purchases of more than 15 at a time, we also provide the display boxes. If you are interested in wholesale please contact [email protected]

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