Car Mate Car Perfume Liquid

Car Mate Car Perfume Liquid
Brand Car Mate

Car Mate Kaze How to use:- 1. Open the Screw over cap anti-clockwise. 2. Remove sheet. 3. Replace screw over cap and tighten clockwise. Attention:- • Do not use for other objective • Do not place near driving or air bag operation. • Do not uses on dashboard with double stick tape. Some dashboard have soft skin surface such as polyurethane which may be damaged when removing the double stick tape. • Under unlikely event (s),If spilled, Please wipe with damp cloth. If the spill is not completely removed. It will leave a stain. • Do not place on fabric surface • Design and specification of the product may be improved without notice • Not responsible for any injuries and/or damages incurred for misuse. In case of Emergency • Seek medical attention. If condition does not improve even after following instructions. • If swallowed, do not vomit. Seek medical attention. • In case contact is made with eye or skin, rinse thoroughly with water. • Stop using the products and rest in a well-ventilated area. If you become physically ill. Begin your journey with the mesmerizing and the best ever perfume set of Air Freshener. Just fix on the AC vent turn the flow switch on the perfume kit and let the fragrance take your into a different world. Sit back breathe in and enjoy the ride. Keep your car smelling clean and fresh no matter the distance. Features -The fresh sensation of open air wherever you go. – Car provides you the right freshness with the intensity you choose -Fragrance- These unique fragrances will create an inviting atmosphere inside your home and car.  

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