Black Car Smell Drmarcus Senso Deluxe Perfume Aroma Air Freshener Discreet Scent

BLACK Car Smell DrMarcus Senso DELUXE Perfume Aroma AIR FRESHENER Discreet Scent
Brand Dr Marcus
£ 7.99
£ 7.99

BLACK Senso DELUXE Perfume of France Dr Marcus Stylish Gel Air Freshener An amazing and unique scent of French perfumesfor all of those who appreciate discreet smell, not strong bathroom like air freshener It doesn't smell like a regular car air freshener , it has an discreet scent which will last for long. To create Senso Deluxe – an exceptional gel air freshener – Dr.Marcus specialists used an advanced technology. Through the combination of French perfumes and gel consistency , we created a product combining highest quality and elegant design. It is exceptionally easy and safe for use. Advanced technology developed by Dr.Marcus® provides a unique gel air freshener. Gel formula with the best condensate fragrances guarantees long lasting and nice aroma. It is easy to use and can be put almost everywhere This freshener may be used inside a car, office or home. In a car it fits into a drink holder or can be fixed under the passenger's seat using included double-sided adhesive tape. When inside a room, make sure its location ensures even distribution of the aroma. Long Lasting up to 75 days Capacity 50ml Scent : BlackDiscreet not strong overpowering smell Pictures of actual items Items purchased before 12pm are dispatched same day

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