Eikosha Jdm Air Spencer Cs X3 Car Fragrance Air Freshener Squash Fragrance

Eikosha JDM Air Spencer CS-X3 car fragrance air freshener - Squash fragrance
Brand Eikosha
£ 14.99
£ 14.99

***Eikosha JDM Air Spencer CS-X3 cassette cartridge type air freshener - squash scent*** Extremely popular Air Spencer CS-X3 cassette/cartridge type air freshener by Eikosha of Japan, these are available in Citrus, Lime, Crystal and Squash scents. Product specifics: Fragrance - Squash scent (000400) Package contents includes one casing and one refill. Additional refills are available under separate listings. The CS-X3 is a 'cassette' shaped housing of high quality plastic in smooth finish. How to use: 1. Open the exterior box/packaging 2. Unpack the fragrance packaging and place in the cassette case, the strength of the fragrance cartridge can be adjusted to suit your personal taste 3. Place anywhere it fits within the interior of your car *Please do not place anywhere near the exit point of airbags if applicable* You are buying from a company that lives and breathes the whole JDM lifestyle! If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us and also take a look in our shop at all the other exciting JDM car accessories, parts and lifestyle accessories that we currently have available. If there is anything specific that you are looking for please ask as we may be able to source from our network of suppliers for you. Thank-you!

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